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Our story is one of exciting beginnings and moving from strength to strength. The dream began in 2009 when

Ed Renno decided that he would carry out his dream to be the most exceptional distribution company in South Africa and make it a reality. As every new year was birthed, from 2009 to this present day,  Fast Forward IT has also given birth to continued progress and development. We started out in the fast paced life of Johannesburg, South Africa. We later decided in 2015 to open offices in Cape Town in order to be closer to our key clients.  We have rapidly expanded and continue to grow. 

Our success is due to consistent performance and focus on customer requirements, long term relationships and our focus on quality. Our focus and drive has been our crux and foundation. We are proud of the achievements of

Fast Forward IT thus far. We are excited for you to join our story and journey with us. 

Our reseller and retailer networks are found all over Africa, with brand presence in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

More than ever before, the I.T Distribution Channel’s willingness to reinvent itself, embrace new ideas, seek new possibilities and recognize new opportunities is what will ultimately define its success and reputation.

Not all I.T re-sellers recognize this, but Fast Forward as an Independednt I.T Accessories Distributor do, and we’re ready to help spark the changes that inspire our clients businesses!

We are selective

We strategically align ourselves with companies that are the drivers of innovation in their industry segment.

We seek out products that are at the vanguard of new categories. We want to make a difference, create movements, change lives. We know what we want and we know what works. We have a unique taste that is of high quality. We search out high quality brands to distribute. We choose accessories that are popular and in demand. We strive to meet the needs of our consumer market. By being selective, we are able to offer only the highest quality brands. 

We have high standards when it comes to brands and retailers alike. We choose brands and retailers with high core strengths and values. We have strategic partnerships. 

We are mindful of our brand image. Fast Forward IT selects brands according to the criteria which are qualitative and benefit the prestige of luxury products. We differentiate between luxury products and common products.  We are a genuine selective distribution company. 

We also choose few retailers to sell products making sure that the level of customer service is higher compared to intensive distribution.

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We are not an ordinary distributor

For global category leaders we want to be the exclusive and dedicated full-service brand custodian. Their business is ours. True partnerships are forged and success follows. Guaranteed. We meet the demands of different channels. Because we are a chameleon brand, we can offer more than the ordinary distributor. We meet your core values and targets. We understand both your requirements and the requirements of the public.


We offer highly customised, versatile delivery solutions. We are an asset based company. We go beyond and invest in our community. We empower Brands. 

We hold more responsibility than the ordinary basics of distribution.  We know that we can push limits and go beyond the norm. We strive to be innovative in our approach. We guide, deliver, advertise and bring a unique touch to distribution. We are the leading brand in South Africa. Our goals and achievements are to reach your goals and achievements and increase productivity at an incredible rate. We are passionate about distribution and the latest developments. Your goal is our goal, our goal is your goal. We desire the same results if not more.

We focus on :

Increasing your transaction volume

Value Added Distribution

We fit the model for your products and accessories

We source relevant, hard to come by products which are in demand

Up to date technology and business model


Global partnerships

We manage a brand’s presence from end-to-end

We provide our partners with a complete regional presence for the brand.We act, if you will, as their virtual subsidiary. We manage your brand's presence online and through various other avenues to make sure you become more than recognised and known by the consumer market. We focus on your brand presence through platforms such as blogging, micro-blogging, social networking, photo-sharing and video-sharing just to name a few. We target as many marketing channels as possible. 

We manage your brand online on platforms such as twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram, youtube, blogging and more!

Online Brand Presence allows for:

  • Increased Brand Awareness. ...

  • More Inbound Traffic. ...

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings. ...

  • Higher Conversion Rates. ...

  • Better Customer Satisfaction. ...

  • Improved Brand Loyalty. ...

  • More Brand Authority.

Maintaining effective customer communication via online platforms creates growth in brand awareness.

We go beyond to increase your brand presence within the online market. 

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We are chameleons

We adopt a brand’s strategy, style and systems.

We know that the true global leaders have products that appeal to almost everyone and processes that are universally applicable.

That’s what makes them the winners to begin with.

Instead of forcing them into our structures, we adopt the approaches that have been successful in other markets.

Any animal that can change its colours and look into two directions is worth mimicking. We can adopt your brand, your colour, your goal and vision and pull out the necessary talents to make it work. We offer value by embracing your vision and carrying forward your brand to the public. 

We have a strong, consistent core (‘nucleus’, ‘essence’). We know what the public wants. We strive to adapt to different target audiences’ needs We drive our products to adapt – accordingly – to different media, we market on all public platforms.

​We are multi-product, we offer more than one brand.

​We take on complex roles and offer flexibility. We focus on identifying, refining and honing the core of your brand.

We know that consumers are becoming more individualistic, choosy and demanding. Our core focus is that our brands are able to adapt with this. We are in a world there there is too much to choose from yet we as a chameleon brand allow for the consumer choice to become easier. With online advertising becoming more important, we focus on both on consumer and brand needs.  Today, there is a demand for a new kind of brand, a new kind of thinking brand, unique and diverse..we are chameleons!

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