Flash Drives

A USB Flash drive which is also known as a USB stick, pen drive, flash disk, USB drive or data storage device has become the necessity for every business or individual. As you well know, flash drives are removable and rewritable. They are an vast improvement from having to use a disc like we had to in the past.

Flash drives first appeared on the market in late 2000. With the steady improvement in size and price, almost every home has a flash drive with large storage space.

Gone are the days when we used floppy discs. Cd's used in the past would scratch. Flash drives are far more versatile and will not easily be damaged such as the old CD.

Disks have almost become entirely obsolete since most computers have USB drive capacity. All operating systems can work with a USB flash drive. Standard operating systems such as Windows, Linux etc. are compatible.

If you didn't know, a flash drive consists of a small printed circuit board carrying the circuit elements and a USB connector. It is inserted electronically and protected inside a plastic or metal case which can be carried in a pocket. The flash drive actually draws power from the computer via the USB connection.

So now you know a little more about flash drives. The brilliant thing is that we have a large range of flash drives in different styles to suit your needs.

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